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toothache refers to pain around and in the tooth and jaw caused by an irritated nerve in or around the tooth. Toothaches can be constant or temporary but hard to ignore totally. The pain can increase or decrease for many reasons. It’s always wise to consult a dentist as soon as possible if anyone is going through this situation before it becomes worse. The pain level always varies from person to person, but toothaches can be very troublesome, and the necessity of knowing the reason behind t is also very important.

Causes of toothache:

There are many causes behind toothaches. The possible causes are given below.

  • If a filling gets damaged
  • Infected gums
  • Fracture in teeth
  • Removal of a tooth
  • Decay of a tooth
  • Bacterial infection in the tooth
  • Teeth grinding

When should I see a dentist for toothache:

Some specific symptoms give us signs to visit a dentist as soon as possible while having a toothache. If the toothache lasts for more than two days and is in severe condition, we should visit our dentists. There are more situations to visit the dentist while having a toothache, such as having fever, earache while opening mouth, swelling in the face or mouth. Such conditions tell us to go and see a dentist as soon as possible.


The treatment of toothache depends on its reason, so the dentist will try to find out the reason first and check the medical history as common treatments extracting the tooth causing the trouble, or a root canal may be needed depending on the cause behind the tooth toothache. Such infections are created by bacteria that made their way into the inner aspects of the tooth. If there is swelling of the face or jaw and fever, the dentist might also prescribe an antibiotic.