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A dental crown is used to cap someone’s decayed or damaged tooth or placed on the dental implant in order to replace a missing tooth. Crowns can be made according to the patient’s preferred material and size of the tooth. When filling fails to solve our problem, the dentist recommends we go for crowns that help us protecting, restoring and covering our teeth. Crowns typically don’t require extra care and last enough with regular oral care.

When do we need a dental crown?

There are several situations when our teeth require dental crowns. Some of the situations are given below.

  • Dental crowns help to protect weaker teeth from breaking or to keep them together f cracked.
  • To hold dental bridges in place
  • To Cover the teeth that are severely discolored and cannot be treated through whitening
  • To reshape the misshapen teeth
  • To cover a tooth that has been treated with root canal
  • Restore a broken- or worn-down tooth
  • Support a tooth that has a large filling.

Materials of a dental crown:

Dental crowns are made of many different materials. Some of which are discussed briefly below.


Metal crowns can be made of nickel, gold, chromium, and palladium. These crowns are the most sustainable materials and require a minimal amount of tooth to be removed.


Porcelain material is a good choice for the front or back teeth for those who don’t want their dental crown to be seen, as the crowns made of this material come with natural color of the teeth.


If someone is looking for a cheaper option, then they can go for resin crowns. But also have to keep in mind that crowns made of resin dos do not last longer.

Pressed ceramic:

Chapped with porcelain, pressed ceramic crowns provide the best match with natural color and are considered one of the sustainable options.