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Surgical extraction

Surgical extraction

Surgical extraction refers to a complex procedure done in a situation when a tooth has not yet broken through the gum line or has not grown fully. In this process, a small incision is made in the surgeon’s gums to access the tooth that is affected.

Reasons behind surgical extraction:

There are many reasons behind surgical extractions. Some of them are-

  • If the tooth breaks off during simple extractions
  • While removing a wisdom tooth
  • Taking out teeth with long curved root
  • When a tooth break in the gumline

While removing broken-down teeth


It’s always better to listen to the dentist’s advice about the aftercare of any kind of extractions. That way they recovery gets speedy, and complications can be avoided.


After the extraction, avoid unnecessary talking, eating, drinking, or moving the mouth. In simple words, the mouth should be kept in a resting position. We should also avoid using straws, smoking, or spitting while we are in the recovery phase.

Eat soft food and liquid:

Try to consume plenty of cold or lukewarm fluids along with soft foods before returning to the regular diet.

Don’t brush the area:

It is advised not to rinse or brush the area of surgical extraction for around 12 hours. After that, brushing is allowed but by avoiding the site of extraction. However, rinsing is possible by a prescribed mouthwash by the dentist.

Follow dentist’s instruction:

The dentist’s instructions should be followed while taking the medicines prescribed. Don’t forget to discuss the benefits and risks of taking the pain medication with the dentist before taking them.

Contacting the dentist:

If the pain and bleeding increases and goes out of hand, then contact the dentist immediately. Avoid taking any steps or medications without the dentist’s advice.