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Chipped tooth

Chipped tooth

Chipped tooth refers to sharp, disfiguring, or tender tooth because of decisive blow or excessive tearing. The leading cause is that the enamel is damaged somehow. For some people repairing a chipped tooth is just a cosmetic concern to make the smile look perfect. But this might not be the case for everyone.

Causes of chipped tooth:

  • Grinding teeth that weakens it over time
  • Falls that hit the hard surface directly
  • Tooth decay that weakens the surface of the tooth
  • Blows with hard objects
  • Large fillings that don’t support the remaining enamel
  • Biting complex objects or food

Consequences of not fixing a chipped tooth

If we don’t fix our chipped tooth in time, we might face some dire consequences that.


If the chip is too deeper bacteria can enter through that and cause a dental abscess in the root and pulp, infections, leading to further damage, requires root canals and extractions.

Broken tooth:

When the fracture weakens a chipped tooth, it can cause a fracture. While chewing something hard, the tooth will be at significant risk of breaking. If the tooth breaks, the process of fixing the tooth will not stay as a simple chipped tooth fixing process anymore, and extensive treatments will be needed.

Cuts in the mouth:

The most common problem people face is cuts in the mouth because of a chipped tooth that makes eating and talking uncomfortable and painful.


From tooth decay that is caused by a chipped tooth, we can further face tooth sensitivity. Also, as a piece of enamel is missing, the nerves of our tooth will be open and make the tooth sensitive to touch and pressure.