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Dental emergencies are times when you need to visit a dentist right away to save a tooth or relieve discomfort. The first thing you need is dental services that a dentist must complete since any delays can result in permanent harm. It can also necessitate more expensive and sophisticated treatment procedures in the future!

Don’t worry! Everything will be OK. Don’t suffer, and don’t wait if you have a dental emergency! Emergency Dental is here for your emergency appointment.

What are the Problems you might Face?

Make an appointment with your usual dentist for a checkup if you experience slight tooth sensitivity, poor breath, swollen gums, or other minor dental issues. While these illnesses should be treated as soon as possible, they are not dental emergencies.

The conditions listed below, on the other hand, necessitate immediate medical attention. Here are some examples of how to deal with each one. 

Excruciating Pain

Even though a toothache might be excruciating at times, some people will simply take medications and ignore the condition. It’s still a good option to see your dentist immediately, not only to get rid of the discomfort but also to figure out what’s causing it.

Some people may mistake a toothache for a medical ailment involving the ears or nasal tissues, especially if the pain appears to originate from the same place. Painkillers will only provide temporary relief. However, a proper diagnosis will assist you in receiving the appropriate therapy and avoiding consequences.

Viruses and Infections

Unfortunately, some people overlook minor dental disorders because they believe they can still cope with the discomfort. Such postponement can lead to more severe issues that will necessitate the use of emergency dental treatments. Consider the occurrence of pus on the gums.

This is a clear indicator of infection, and it may run deep in the gum tissue. It can lead to different gum disorders. If this happens, see your dentist quickly to have the region inspected and the infection treated.

Who is the Best Option for an Emergency Dentist Near Houston?

We at Emergency Dental are excited about the prospect of building long-term relationships with our patients for the rest of their lives.

We have a skilled dentist close by to give the care you need, whether you’ve relocated to a new region, want to change your dental provider, or just need a second opinion. We have a team of competent doctors and staff committed to doing what is best for our patients.

We offer the Same Day Appointment for your Toothache, Dental abscess, Lost dental filling, or Knocked out tooth. Remember, we value your family’s comfort just as much as we love our long-term dental treatments!

We Care for Your Teeth

Dental checkups are an essential aspect of keeping your mouth healthy. You don’t want to fall into the habit of skipping appointments, even if your last one was cavity-free. If left untreated for even a short length of time, oral disorders can swiftly worsen and lead to major health consequences.

At all of our locations in Houston, we provide dental examinations for newborns, children, and adults. Your dentist will look for any issues with your teeth, gums, or mouth during your examination.

You never know when an emergency will occur, so scheduling an appointment in advance is impractical. We recognize this and do not expect you to comply. As an emergency dentist Houston, we are here whenever you need us. So, if you are experiencing oral discomfort or have a damaged tooth, please contact us right away to book an appointment.

Reasons you Need Us

While a painful cavity may be at the top of the list, you may find yourself in need of an emergency dentist even if your teeth are in good shape. According to the American Dental Association, most adults who damage their teeth do so while participating in sports, so even if you don’t have any cavities, a weekend baseball game could cause problems.

If your tooth is chipped, broken, or even falls out, we can treat you as soon as possible. We provide dental treatment when you need it by keeping longer hours and accepting last-minute appointments. If you are experiencing any of the teeth ache symptoms, please call and make an appointment as soon as possible.

This is also an excellent time to speak with your dentist about any concerns you may have. Gum disease, cavities, and other issues can easily be avoided with frequent dental exams.


Bleeding from the mouth that is uncontrollable

A dental emergency involves uncontrolled bleeding from the mouth. At this situation patients should visit the dentist as soon as possible. Gum bleeding on a regular basis can suggest a variety of dangerous diseases, including:

  • Periodontitis¬†
  • leukemia
  • lack of clotting cells
  • vitamin deficiency


My tooth is so much in pain and the bleeding is not stopping.

Teeth that have been knocked out

Any face trauma that causes teeth to loosen or fall out needs emergency dental attention. If a tooth is loosened, it is essential to retain it in its socket to prevent it from coming out. If a tooth has fallen out owing to an accident or injury, an emergency dental visit arranged soon after tooth loss may be able to salvage the tooth.


I got into an accident today and my tooth got knocked out/ broken.

Toothache caused by a dental crown

A fractured dental crown can be inconvenient. In some situations, painful. Patients should visit an emergency dentist if they realize their dental crown is cracked, broken off, or completely detached. While a tooth fracture isn’t an emergency, the crown will need to be repaired within few days unless the pain is severe and interfering with daily living.


I think my dental crown is cracked. The pain is coming and going while chewing. The area around the tooth is swelling.


Any dental condition that needs rapid attention to halt bleeding, relieve extreme pain, or save a tooth is classified as an emergency. This is especially true for serious infections. This situation can be life-threatening. Patients who exhibit any of these symptoms may be dealing with a dental emergency.


I cannot manage my dental pains with the counter medications. There are other signs as well such as nausea, fever, headache, swelling etc.

Chips and cracks in the teeth

Cracked Tooth Syndrome is the medical term for cracked tooth discomfort. The formation of cracks in the teeth that are too tiny to be seen on a dental x-ray is the beginning of cracked tooth syndrome. As a result, if we see indicators of a broken or chipped tooth, we should go to a dental emergency facility right once.


Tooth is in pain when chewing in a certain way. Swelling around teeth.

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